No matter the age, size, or condition of your premise, we’ll be sure to accommodate to your needs with a wide range of products. No phone line? Get a wireless communicator (Extra) that will send signals to our monitoring station. Have a pet that you leave at home while you’re away? We’ll put in pet immune motion detectors so that you don’t have to worry about turning on your system with your loved one moving around the house. Afraid of water getting in? A fire? Worried about fumes getting in and damaging you or your premise? We have you covered with flood, carbon monoxide, heat and smoke detectors. Glass-break detectors are also put in place to give you double the protection. If a window breaks, a glass-break detector will pick up that window as long as it is within approximately 45 feet of range. Whether your premise is in a state of pre-construction, renovation or an older home that’s been finished for years, we have the solution to secure you. Wireless devices have seemingly improved over the years for those windows and doors that we can’t fish wires to.

Allow us to install your alarm system today to reduce the risk of a robbery by up to 50%.

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