For 30 years Royal Alarms Ltd. Has provided top of the line customer care treating our customers as if they are family. We do not only deliver the highest level of security when it comes to installations but we deliver rapid response with our 24 hour monitoring station. Our highly trained operators use the most advanced equipment and state of the art software used by some of the worlds top government security agencies to monitor our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our station is strategically located and secured at all times. The monitoring station is not just there to send and recieve signals from your premise but it allows for our customers to have contact with us 24 hours a day in case of any emergencies. Each and every operator is trained on specific procedures that they must follow, however we understand that each individual and Business security system has specific and/or unique requirments. Being ULC listed, it is important that our operators are trained on all types of alarms especially those of which are dispatch on any signal cases. Having your system monitored does not only help our operators respond in the proper manner but it also allows us to see if their are any deficincies with your system, in which case a service call would need to be made.

In Case of an Alarm:

Firstly, An alarm is activated and the signal is sent to the central monitoring station.

Secondly, Our station receives the signal and the client details are automatically generated within seconds.

Thirdly, Our operator notifies the necessary key holders and other emergency services depending on whether or not a dispatch is necessary.


24 hour monitoring, lady with headphones and microphone