ULC is a non-profit product certification facility that tests products and publishes standards and specifications for products in relation to life safety and security, fire, crime prevention, security of assets and facilities, energy efficiency, environmental safety, live working and workplace safety and other areas.

Royal Alarms is an accredited ULC service and installation Company and provides ULC approved monitoring.

Being ULC approved means that Royal Alarms upholds the standards set by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. To guarantee incessant monitoring of every one of our systems, we abide by the following ULC regulations;

  • Station must have immediate emergency back-up for all systems including power, heating, communications and computers
  • Personnel must be able to reside in the station for a minimum 7 day period

We work closely with your insurance Company to determine whether a system is to be ULC certified or not. Upon completion of a sites system, we will provide a ULC certificate signifying that the system is up to the standards put in place by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.

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