CCTV has been a growing industry for decades. With new technologies and innovations surveillance has become a great deterrent for both residential and commercial properties. At Royal Alarms we offer the highest of quality products to make sure you are happy with the end results!

There are a number of CCTV systems that fall under the primary categories of either Analog or Digital and listed below are some of the following:

Analog camera systems are very popular due to the high level of efficiency, quality and durability of the equipment. Every Analog camera is powered either via power supply at the camera or uses a Siamese cable that already has cable and power connection bunched together. The DVR works by turning the analog signal into a digital signal, compresses it, and then sends it remotely. If remote monitoring is the primary use of your system, then an Analog apparatus is more than enough. To view video via internet access, the cameras are transmitted as one IP address. If you are looking for a setup that provides you with higher resolution video, then a digital system would be better suited for you. This is if you need to see fine details (Ex. Vehicle VIN numbers), or need extreme zooming capabilities.

High Definition
Want to go one step beyond the traditional Analog camera system? Well without having to replace any existing wiring, HD systems make it easy to switch from an already operational older CCTV system. With the added benefit of higher resolution video, High Definition cameras and recorders are capable of capturing and producing up to 1080p quality while still using a traditional coaxial cable hook-up.

IP/Network (Digital)
Compared to usual camera setups, IP/Network systems provide you with the highest in picture quality. Depending on the make and model of camera, these use either a Wi-Fi or network cable connection and come equipped with web servers, thus allowing them to be accessed over a local network or remote internet connection.

In terms of the different types of cameras, our team will help you find the best fitting camera for your premise:

  • Outdoor – Are designed to be durable enough to withstand changes in environment by being housed in weatherproofing material.
  • Dome – Designed more so to be aesthetically pleasing. The name comes from the housing in which they sit.
  • Infrared/Night Vision – Use IR LEDs to project images in pitch dark conditions.
  • Varifocal – Allows for optimal zooming while still maintaining focus.
  • PTZ – Pan/tilt/zoom cameras move left, right, up, down, and zoom in and out. They can be set-up to move automatically on a timer but usually are moved remotely by a person on the premise.
  • High dynamic range – Maintain picture quality in areas where there is a large range of light in view.
  • Bullet – Name is derived from its sleek design.
  • Discreet Camera – Simply put, are covert cameras placed in discreet places.
  • Wireless – Work just like other cameras but are very simple to install and move if necessary. They can use an IP format or other method of wireless connection.

Let us check out your premise today and we will suggest to you the best options available!

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