Royal Alarms Limited offers complete ULC security system designs as well as a complete security review answering all security questions with regards to the new MMPR program. At Royal Alarms we have successfully helped several companies obtain their license and we answer any questions that Health Canada may have.

Our security reviews consist of many things that will help you obtain your license:

  • Analysis of your facility based on your site drawings or onsite visit
  • Written report of the minimum security requirements based on MMPR
  • Calculation of the security level you need to abide

Directive on Physical Security Requirements for Controlled Substances:

  • A detailed cost estimate of all security requirements as per MMPR
  • Floor plan and site plan of security product locations as per MMPR

Call us today and speak to our representative to find out more info on what you would need from a security standpoint!

Royal Alarms is a Proud Supporter of Health Canada